Psionics were discovered post Collapse, when a number of people who should have been killed by the radiation survived, thanks to latent psionic healing abilities. The research that followed discovered a technological method to boost the mental abilities, provided they were willing to undergo cybernetic enhancement.

Since the discovery and enhancement of psi powers, natural psi’s have become feared as raw and uncontrollable power. A tech-psi can be controlled, the mental enhancements shut down or shorted out, or removed surgically. Their power is no different from that of a laser pistol or gravity drive, man made. Nat-psi is wild, uncontrollable and brutal in it’s applications. It becomes stronger with emotion, panic, anger. Many call for the culling of nat-psi, or their regulation.

Both psi types purchase abilities with a -10% limitation for being psionic, and many limitations are common for psionic abilities that make them more affordable. Possible abilities include: Emergencies Only, Nuisance Effect, Preparation Required, Reduced Range, Takes Extra Time, Takes Recharge, Temporary Disadvantage, Trigger, Unconscious Only, Uncontrollable, Unreliable.

To purchase abilities as a tech-psi, purchase abilities with both -10% from being psionic, and -10% from being electric. The parts of tech-psi’s electronics attach directly to the spine and brain, and are visibly unattractive unless effort is made to hide them. The difficulty of hiding the implants depends on the size required and the money spent to streamline them.

less than 5 points: Small skull socket and built in computer, no reduction in appearance. Discovered with successful search roll. Hidden psi-wear allows a holdout roll to hide it during a search.

5 to 9 points: Small skull socket, built in computer, and golf ball sized power source. Reduces appearance by 1 while power supply is plugged in. Automatically found with a search while plugged in, otherwise requires a search roll. Hidden psi-wear requires a search roll to find, allows a holdout roll at -2, and removes the appearance reduction while installed.

10 to 19 points: Minor skull replacement, including computer and power supply. Reduces appearance by 1. Automatically found with a search. Hidden psi-wear removes the appearance penalty, requires a search+4 roll to find, and allows holdout at -2.

20 to 39 points: Minor skull replacement and spinal tail, includes computer and power supply. Reduces appearance by 2. Automatically found with search. Hidden psi-wear removes 1 from the appearance penalty, is automatically found by a search, and allows holdout at -6. When unplugged, reduces appearance penalty by 1 and reduces holdout penalty by 3.

40+ points: Major skull replacement and complete spinal mount. Becomes larger and more complex as more points are spent. For every 10 points past 30, decrease appearance by 1 to a minimum of monstrous. Unplugging halves the appearance penalty, halves the search bonus, and halves the holdout penalty. Always found by a search at this stage. Hidden psi-wear reduces the appearance penalty by 1, and allows holdout with an extra -4 per 10 point interval.

Psi-wear for a tech-psi can be quite expensive, and is based on the amount of power the psi wishes to harness. Psi-wear costs $3000 in equipment and $12 000 in surgery per point of power they wish to harness. It is possible to buy better equipment to make space for future improvements. Hidden psi-wear is designed to be low profile, possibly hidden, and at least more attractive to look at. It costs 10 times as much in both equipment and surgery.

Natural psionics have no need for complex tech to boost their abilities, although some choose to use tech to further increase their power. To buy powers as a natural psionic, buy your abilities with a -10% for being psionic.

Natural psionics must choose if they wish to make their power known. If they do, they must take Social Stigma (Nat-Psi) for -10 points. This represents the barbaric and uncontrollable reputation of nat-psi’s. If a Nat-Psi chooses to hide their power, they instead take Secret (Nat-Psi) for -10 points, which turns into the social stigma and a reputation for lying worth -10 points. The secret happens on a 9 or less.

It is common for a nat-psi to take the Uncontrollable limitation on their powers, especially those that are wild and dangerous. It is possible to apply the limitation to part of a power, so that a character becomes wildly powerful during burst of anger, frustration, fear, ect, but still has access to a more carefully controlled version in all situations. Mental disadvantages are common, and can trigger the uncontrollable limitation.


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